September 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:03 pm at the Duvall Fire Station by Pres. Ken Kosters (W7ECK).

Members Present:  Larry Backstrom, Paul Butzi, Bob Decker, Lindy Friedlander, Mike Jacob, Ken Kosters, Ralph Lease, Debbi Lermond, Barb Powrie, Chuck Powrie, John Tharp, Chuck Woolfolk.

Guests Present:  Jim Haviland, Jaime Kemper, Abe Ninan, Glendon Pflugrath, Perry Steen
Secretary/Treasurer’s Report –  Lindy (KG7IFA)

⦁    Minutes from the August meeting were reviewed electronically prior to the meeting and approved at the meeting.

⦁    Current Balance $5,640.20 as of the August 26, 2015 CDCCC Board.

⦁    2015 Club dues:  35 members have paid their dues donation* to date.  Checks for all those remaining who still wish to be members should be made out to CDCCC and brought to the next meeting or mailed with membership application to: CDCCC, PO Box 644, Carnation WA 98014. PLEASE USE THE NEW MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION ON THE YAHOO SITE OR ASK ME TO EMAIL A COPY.

Committee Reports

⦁    Repeater Task Force / Technical Committee – Dan (KA7GPP) NOT PRESENT.  Ken K (W7ECK) reported.

⦁    Waiting for Bengt to get some equipment from Microsoft to take equipment up to Cougar and make sure it works.  Then see Mike about getting a port out to the network.  Then we can set up IRLP.
⦁    Emergency Planning & Mobilization – Rowland (K7RWB) NOT PRESENT

⦁    Grant status: Tribe application

⦁    Regional Network

⦁    Education & Community Outreach – Bengt (K7ADD)  —  NOT PRESENT

⦁    Fall Tech License Class scheduling TBD (Bengt said we will definitely have a class.)

⦁    VE Session
Old Business –  Ken (W7ECK)

⦁    KE7GFZ Weekly Net on 441.825 MHz, positive offset and tone of   103.5 MHz

⦁    Carnation Space — Rowland (K7RWB) NOT PRESENT.  Still waiting.  HF equipment access there.  We just need a computer up there.  Then we can have remote access from your home computer using HF at this club space.

⦁    Any volunteer willing to step up and take over [from Barb Powrie (K7XIT)] the member recruiting/coordinating role for the annual Duvall Days runs?
New Business 

⦁    CDCCC Board Meeting Report – Dan (KA7GPP) NOT PRESENT.  Lindy (KG7IFA) called attention to upcoming September events (noted below).  New member, John Tharp, signed up for CERT class.
Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Lindy Friedlander
Upcoming Events

⦁    09/11/15 – “An Hour to Spare” – Earthquake Risk and Tips from John Vidale, Director of NW Seismic Network, Riverview Educational Building
⦁    09/14/15 – 11/2/15 – CERT Classes – Duvall Fire Station, 6:30-9 p.m.
⦁    09/26/15 – First Aid/CPR class, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. with 30 min for brown bag lunch, Tolt Congregational Church, Carnation
⦁    09/26/15: Info booth, Saturday, 11AM – 4PM, Duvall Historical Society
⦁    10/01/15: SnoVARC Meeting, Thursday, 7PM, Duvall Fire Station
⦁    10/10/15: Info booth, Saturday, 10AM – 1PM, Duvall Visitors’ Center
⦁    10/21/15: CDMRC Meeting, Wednesday, 7PM, Duvall Fire Station
⦁    10/28/15: CDCCC Board Meeting, Wednesday, 6:30PM, Duvall Engineering

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