January 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm at the Duvall Fire Station by Pres. Tom Needham (WA7TBP)

 2016/2017 Members Present:  Kathy Brasch, Rowland Brasch, Rick Burns, Paul Butzi, Joe Carpenter, Nancy Carpenter, Drew Dahlgaard, Bob Decker, Dick Freiheit, Lindy Friedlander, Ken Kosters, Ralph Lease, Jim Myers, Tom Needham, Dan Pflugrath, Barb Powrie, Chuck Powrie, Chuck Woolfolk

Guests Present:  Robin Amundson, Jo Decker, Mike Gutmann, Benjamin Thompson, Will Smith

Initial AnnouncementsTom (WA7TBP)

  • Welcome/Introductions
  • Those who wore credentials got candy!

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report –  Lindy (KG7IFA)

  • Minutes from the November meeting were reviewed electronically prior to the meeting and approved at the meeting. A motion was made and seconded to approve these minutes.
  • Current Bank Balance $2,258.59 estimate as of December 31, 2016 (not yet presented to CDCCC Board). Although these funds are not earmarked for anything in particular, there are many things the club has discussed wanting to purchase.  Shawn has been working on a proposal (with budget) for the purchase of a Pelican Case set up for a full portable HF station in a box for the Carnation space and another for Duvall (since Carnation could flood).  This was put on back burner while the Carnation Space was being set up in 2016.  We are now in a position that this could become a 2017 priority.  In addition to this, there are all the items from the Grant request to the Tribe that has not been funded.
  • 2016 Member Roster is posted on Yahoo. This includes pictures of anyone who has provided them to me.  Rowland suggested taking pictures after the meeting and would send them for update.  It is good to have a face go with the name.
  • 2017 Club dues donations (tax deductible*): Currently 15 members in 2017 as of the end of the meeting.  NOTE: Checks made out to CDCCC may be mailed to CDCCC, PO Box 644, Carnation WA 98014, with membership application (available on Yahoo) – or bring to meeting.

Committee Reports

  • Repeater Task Force / Technical CommitteeKen (W7ECK) for Shawn (K7ATA)(out ill)
  • IRLP Status: Shawn and Ken have spent time setting up IRLP, which is now up and running. There had been some issues with interference and DTMF tones going over the repeater.  But most have now been worked out.  Most features can be changed remotely.  And we can easily disconnect problem features temporarily while they are being worked out.  (Note: EchoLink can be choppy with delays.  IRLP is much better.) We have been told the Cougar repeater is the premier open repeater in the area.
  • Tom requested that there be an easy way to shut down access to IRLP if there was an emergency event. Ken will set up a 3 digit code to disable access and then enable it again when appropriate.  Repeater code access is given to Rowland, Dan, Shawn and Ken.
  • Emergency Planning and Mobilization – Rowland (K7RWB)

 Rowland attended a good meeting regarding a Dam Failure. Carnation needs a good communication system.  For example, what happens when water moves toward Monroe?  How will communication take place? Reverse 911 is going away and will be replaced with Code Red (should be better).  NOAA weather radios will have a communication regarding the dam, but how Hams will fit in had not yet been considered.  This is important.

 Ralph (KC7QXD) has agreed to take over (on a temporary basis) the leadership of this committee as Rowland has too many other responsibilities with Red Cross to lead this committee going forward. The new committee members under Ralph’s leadership will be Rowland (K7RWB), Tom (WA7TBP), Joe (KI7EMB), and Jim (W7ABD).

  • Regional Network – Tom (WA7TBP) — No update at this time
  • Education & Community Outreach – Larry (N7ART) not present
  • Tech License Class: In order to ensure we have a spring class, we need more volunteers to step up and help Larry. Five members said they’d be willing to help with instruction.
  • VE Training: There will be a Nov. 4th training for current and potential VEs at the Duvall FS.
  • Carnation SpacePaul (KG7STV)
  • Rather than drilling through the concrete, they used a thick piece of plastic to cover the window and drilled a hole in that. For safety, Paul will put a chain on the plastic it so if it falls, it won’t hit the ground.
  • The Kenwood Dual band radio works great. HF loop: brackets all in place; will handle the full length 80 meter hF loop.
  • There was a GP6 issue when water got in the coax. But it is fine now.

Old Business

Reaching out to new Hams — Mike (W7GR) not present

  • The discussion was around getting new members from Hams living in the area of the Field Treatment Centers as well as those who are on Facebook, but not yet members. The question arose as to our liability for non-member volunteers, and reassurance was given that they would be covered under a mission number (although not by our ARRL liability insurance)
  • Christmas Dinner — Tom requested that we give Blue Heron another chance, perhaps with a buffet style menu. It was also suggested that we consider BJ’s, which does apparently have a way to separate the facility for a large group.  Tom suggested that he and Lindy work on this.

New Business

  • CDCCC Board Meeting Report — Kathy (K7KJB) There will be a 2017 Full Scale Exercise.  More to come.  Also, upcoming is the Partners in Emergency Preparedness conference with lots of new classes. This year will be in Tacoma (April 18-20).
  • Quarterly CERT Meeting — Kathy (K7KJB) Upcoming meeting: 26, 6:30-8:30 on Family Preparedness
  • Additional Training Opportunities — Tom (WA7TBP)
  • One Saturday every quarter we will meet at the Carnation space to use equipment there, etc.
  • SnoVARC Winlink NET Check in. Third Thursday of each month prior to the net, submit a Winlink Check in to the SnoVARC Net to WA7TBP@winlink.org before 2000 hours.  Report should include transmit power level & area you are reporting from (Stillwater, Tolt Highlands, Duvall, Carnation, etc.) (See handout from Tom for more details)
  • NET Control Operators – Ralph moved that we keep the 2016 list of NET control operators for 2017. There was general agreement.  However, Rick (KB7CIN), passed out a sheet to see if he could get any additional volunteers.

Meeting adjourned at 8:02 pm.

ELMER SESSION:  Radio Programming and Repeater Presentation — Dan (KA7GPP)      

Respectfully submitted,

Lindy Friedlander

Upcoming Events

  • 01/26/17: CERT Quarterly meeting – Thursday, 6:30PM-8:30PM, Carnation Library — Topic: Family Preparedness
  • 02/02/17: SnoVARC Club meeting — Thursday, 7:00PM, Duvall FS. ELMER: Winlink (David/Woody from Mercer Island ARC)
  • 02/11/17: First Aid/CPR Training; Tolt Congregational Church, Carnation, 8:00-4:30 ($35 donation requested)
  • 02/27/17: Spring CERT class starts – Monday, 6:30PM, Carnation fire station

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