March 2018 Meeting Minutes

Snoqualmie Valley Radio Club

Meeting Minutes for March 1, 2018

Meeting called to order 7 p.m. Duvall Fire Station #45 by Tom Needham, WA7TBP.

Members present: Robin Amundson, Larry Backstrom, Rowland Brasch, Joe Carpenter, Nancy Carpenter, Lindy Friedlander, Linda Hanson, Milton Hanson, Ken Kosters, Jim Myers, Tom Needham, Dan Pflugrath, Shawn Somers, Carol Swanton, John Tharp, Kirt White, Chuck Woolfolk

Guests present: Mark Miller, George Wallace (unlicensed).

Our presenter: Robert Fanfant, N7QT

Greeting, welcome, and leadership announcements: Tom asked us to make our discussions brief to allow time for our guest presenter. Rob Fanfant, N7QT.

Secretary Report—Robin Amundson, WA7CPA. Motion was made by Shawn, K7ATA, and approved by voice acclimation to accept February 2018 Minutes as published in the IO Newsgroup.

Treasurer Report—Lindy Friedlander, KG7IFA. Funds are low. Current Bank Balance before insurance is $1,404.18 (includes $15.54 overage because there is one outstanding payment for Fox Hunt kit supplies). Fundraising is now a necessity. All ideas are welcome.

There was discussion about equipment and insurance. The Yaesu repeater at Shawn’s house will be added, and therefore begin depreciating. Per Shawn, no other donated equipment to insure, but Shawn is going to review and report back to Lindy. Insurance renewal is due soon.

Currently there are 31 members (although 2 more joined at the meeting).  We are still low in member renewals. Member dues for 2018 and the annual written liability waiver need to be turned in. Please make the checks out to CDCCC and bring to the meeting or mail to PO Box 644, Carnation, WA 98014. The link to information on joining the club and the form is at

Committee and Task Force Reports

Repeater task forceShawn, K7ATA

Shawn reported the Cougar repeater must be moved from Building B to Building E. It will still be able to use the same antenna on the mountain, though. The move must be done as soon as possible. It will require an extensive work party to move stored items from one building to another. Painting the inside of the building is planned. Volunteers will be needed. The repeater will be down up to a week. The more volunteers mobilized, the shorter the time the repeater will be down. The site operator (Telco) is donating old equipment to us, including a battery backup. Shawn is in daily discussions with the other entity with which we share the antenna. There is no conflict with the other party at this time. Shawn emphasizes the move will and must happen. Anything left in the current building will go in a dumpster.

Emergency planning and mobilization task force—Tom reported for Ralph, KC7QXD, not present.  Ralph has been busy making emergency communications plans and updates.

Education & community outreach task forceLarry, N7ART, reported the Stillwater site fell through as a potential site for the April Technician’s class. Therefore, the class will be held at the downtown Duvall Fire Station. Larry had sent an email request for volunteer presenters for the class modules. So far, there are two volunteers. Larry hopes for more volunteer presenter so he does not need to present all the rest of the modules himself. Larry discussed another Vetco purchase of HTs to preprogram for the successful licensees to purchase at cost after the class.

Dan, will continue the Tuesday, 7 p.m. newcomer tech nets, expecting an upsurge in participation after the April classes with more new licensees.

Carnation spacePaul, W7PFB, was not present. He sent in a written report, which Tom gave us. The shack has a stable Internet connection at 23 MB/S at this time. A Buddipole experiment setting up a portable station in the parking lot using a KX3 showed an S2 noise floor. The S9 noise in the shack was thus determined to be coming from the loop on the roof. Antenna design is the problem. Also, the CX 333 antenna will be replaced as it is not functioning properly, and a new antenna will be installed when the weather permits.

 Old Business

 Map LibraryNo report, Ben, KG7BTU, absent.

 Grant applicationTom gave the report for Paul, W7PFB. We did not get the CSA grant. We will hear March 11 on the SnoValley Rotary grant. A presentation will be made on our behalf on March 6 to 100 Women Who Care. We have a one in six chance of being selected.  If we don’t get either of these grants, we will simply re-apply in the next grant period.

Maria with the school district will ask the PTSA to buy an antenna with a CDCCC match for Stillwater school. The match will be up to $300.

Upcoming Elmer SessionsApril will be Jim, W7ABD, showing us how to set up Winlink. May will be Ken, W7ECK, and Shawn, K7ATA, presenting on emergency and hand-held antennas. The June meeting will be planning for Field Day. Equipment and site availability are unknown at this time.

 New Business

Dan said he would be looking for a date or dates to schedule the building project for the foxhunt. However, people are welcome to get their kit supplies and build their own kit as it is pretty easy and the instructions are included.  He left the kits with Shawn, K7ATA.

Tom emphasized club finances are precarious and fundraising ideas and donations for the repeater and antenna fund are vital.

Rowland paid for the club’s Mike and Key Table for the March 10 flea market at Puyallup Fairgrounds. He is hoping others will use the table to defray his costs out of sales. Donated equipment will be sold. Rowland requested help with pricing items prior to loading on the truck. There is also a need for strong backs to help load. The help is needed March 9.  Shawn indicated he may be able to take Tom’s place on that day since Tom will be unable to help.

 Elmer Session: Following the business meeting, guest presenter, Robert Fanfant gave us his presentation on his VK9MA DXpedition to Mellish Reef.

Upcoming Events

March 10: Mike and Key flea market at Puyallup Fairgrounds, Pavilion Exhibition Hall. Rowland purchased us a table

April 5, 2018: SnoVARC Meeting, Thursday, 7 p.m. Duvall Fire Station, ELMER: Jim Meyers, W7ABD on Winlink.

April (date TBD): Crowd & Traffic Class, details to follow

April 14-15: Communications Academy, S Seattle Community College, Brockey Center and Olympic Hall

April 21 and 28: Technician class presented, Larry, N7ART, organizing. Location: Either Duvall Fire Station

March 14, 2018: CERT Quarterly Meeting, 7:00-9:00, Carnation Fire Station (Topics TBD)


Minutes respectfully submitted by Robin Amundson, WA7CPA

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