New Ham Net 4/25/19

Topics discussed on the net

  • Snovarc ham classes on Saturday 4/27
    • Looking for stations to help students make first contacts during class (around noon)
  • Snovarc May Meeting to focus on new hams
    • Help with new radio programming
    • Other ways the club can help
  • Use of the reverse feature on your radio
    • Used to listen to the input frequency on the repeater
    • Good for determining if transmitting station is within simplex range
    • Some radios have a feature to automatically alert you if a transmitting station is within simplex range.
  • Using the repeater playback function to see how your audio sounds
    1. Using a radio equipped with a DTMF keypad, Hold down the PTT button and key in 1, 2, 3
    2. Release the button and wait for the repeater to say “Ready”
    3. Press the PTT button and speak into the mic
    4. Release the button and listen for the repeater to play back the recorded audio
  • Importance of organizing small radio items such as connectors and adapters
  • Testing UHF/VHF propagation for local simplex operations

Resources shared on the net – A great resource for HT radios reviews, programming guides, troubleshooting and lot more

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