New Ham Net 5/30/19

Topics Discussed

  • Net control for the net
    • If you’d like an opportunity to be net control operator for the net, please contact me via email ( or in person at the meetings or evenings in the park gatherings
  • Evenings in the park
    • Net was informed of the evenings in the park event section on the site and the main page sidebar announcement
    • Sidebar announcement will be used for updates and cancellations if needed
    • Changes and cancellations for evenings in the park will also be posted to Facebook group
    • Several participants were very interested in checking out HF activities if done during the gathering
  • Field day
    • June monthly meeting is when field day planning and discussions will take place.
    • A few participants plan on visiting several field day sites this year
    • Discussions were had about the origins and general purpose of field day

Resources Shared

  • ARRL Field Day Locator – Locate field day locations for ARRL affiliated clubs (if they were provided)
  • ARRL Field Day – General Information about field day including a nice PDF that gives a good overview of what field day is

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