New Ham Net 5/9/19

Topics Discussed

  • New hams from the April Snovarc classes
    • Congratulations to the 14 new hams that passed their tests in April and received their call signs this week
    • 3 new hams joined us on the net tonight for the first time tonight
  • Evenings in the park
    • Coming up, we will start gathering at the Big Rock Ball fields in Duvall for evenings in the park.
    • More details coming soon
  • General discussions about what projects people are working on
  • UHF Propagation issues
    • Several people on the net experienced quite a bit of signal fading and other issues during the net
    • One member noted that foliage growth this time of year can affect signal propagation
    • Another member informed the net of increased solar activity including solar storms throughout this week that could also be affecting propagation. Check out the solar storm forecast video in the resource section for more information

Resources Shared

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