New Ham Net 6/27/19

Topics Discussed

  • Evenings In The Park
    • Cancelled tonight due to weather
    • Next gathering will be on 7/11
    • Possible fox hunt activities during next gathering. If you have a Handi-Finder bring it to test and maybe show someone else how to use it
  • Field Day
    • Discussed what field day activities people participated in over Field Day weekend
  • Possible future topics
    • Discussed the possibility of discussing DMR/Digital, Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects on the net in the future
    • All of these are great topics for discussion. Urged participants to bring up any topics they would like to discuss.
  • End Fed Half Wave antenna setup
    • Question regarding feeding an EFHW (setup in the L configuration) at the top instead of the bottom.
    • Posted this topic on Groups.IO

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