November 2019 Meeting Minutes (UPDATED)

Snoqualmie Valley Radio Club

Meeting Minutes for November 7, 2019

Business Meeting called to order 6:15 p.m. Duvall Fire Station 45 by Tom, WA7TBP. We began with a minute of silence in remembrance of Terry Beedle, WA7TBP, SK. A sympathy card was signed by attendees to be mailed to his family.

14 members and guests present for business and meeting: Robin Amundson, Kevin Ayres, Jesse Brasch, Rowland Brasch, Rick Burns, Ken Kosters, Ralph Lease, Irvina Mizell, Jim Myers, Tom Needham, Rob Noonan, Dale Smith, Shawn Somers, Kirt White.

Secretary Report—No corrections or additions to the October Minutes were requested. Shawn, K7ATA, moved and Kurt, K7KDW, seconded approval. Approved by voice vote.

Treasurer Report—Per agenda, the current balance is $6,689.27 not yet approved by CDCCC board. There are 41 dues paid members in 2019 as of this meeting. There were 51 paid members at this time last year. Dues checks can be made out to CDCCC and new short form applications are available on and the website.

Tom, WA7TBP, announced the D710G is up and running in the club shack. Software is purchased and available for installation.

Committee and Task Force Reports

Repeater task force—Shawn, K7ATA, and Jim, W7ABD gave report. The router password is not working; therefore, Shawn says no changes are currently possible, though the router is still working. Jim reported the recent jammer on the Cougar repeater has ceased his illegal operations after members discussed the situation on and how jammers can be identified. Future strategies for catching any future jamming behavior were discussed. Jim reported the Bell repeater is estimated to be redeployed sometime next summer when the new site owner completes construction.

Jim reported both repeater clocks were successfully changed to PST on Sunday 11/3 using the new remote programming interface installed last month.  This is the first time in club history that the clocks were changed on the day of the time change, as the Tech Group members did not have to drive up to the sites to make the change manually.

Emergency planning and mobilization task force—Howard, WA1HEM, was unable to attend this month. Tom reported that he and a few members had an on air emergency duck and cover drill, bringing to light some needed improvements in personal earthquake prep plans. Tom also participated in the “Be Dam Ready” Carnation evacuation drill to safely move school children and other citizens up to Evac Hill. He said parents were surprised by what their school children taught them about emergency preparedness.

Education & community outreach task force—Irvina, W7IRM, reported receiving curriculum from Dave Wickert of Lake Washington Ham Club. She is concerned we would not be able to duplicate it because it is an outline and he discusses much more ad lib. She will call an instructor’s meeting to decide how we will approach teaching our spring technician class. Instructors should review the curriculum emailed to them very soon.

Kurt, K7KDW, reported light participation on the new ham net, except for one evening in the last month. Robin said there is a new group of newly minted hams meeting Saturday, led by Dave Wickert, who may be interested in trying the new ham net.

Carnation spaceJim, W7ABD, volunteered to install the new software at the shack. No new progress on the Evac Hill site. Rowland, K7RWB, noted when coax is installed, we need to keep in mind it is a “party” location for teenagers, so safety plans must account for that. Tom, WA7TBP, is donating a GP15 antenna to the installation on the Evac Hill Red Cross building. Jim commented we need to purchase Ultraflex 400 coax for the site. Radio equipment there is needed. Robin suggested we have the funds.

Old Business—Rowland announced Sam Baker, SK. The widow has asked Rowland to help him with the equipment and is donating some items to the club. The family’s announcement has been published on our and Facebook page.

New Business— Robin, WA7CPA, reminded there are a few spaces left on the Ixtapa dinner reservation for December 5 at 6:30.

Rowland wants us to begin planning a Cascadia Rising exercise for 2022 for our local area, noting that communications are not being considered in the overall exercise planning. The simplex exercise to be developed by our EmComm committee can play a role in our valley exercise.

Tom announced he and Irvina, W7IRM, will co-lead organizing our 2020 Field Day, emphasizing volunteers are needed.

Elmer Session: The Elmer session began shortly after 7 p.m. Robert, KJ7GIG, volunteered to lead the simplex radio club meeting check-in.  Then Ralph, KC7QXD took groups in to the fire department radio room for orientation while Tom WA7TBP reviewed the ICS 100/700 training.

Upcoming Events

12/14/19 (Tentative Date) CDCCC 2020 Board Planning Meeting

12/05/19 SnoVARC annual dinner (in lieu of meeting) 6:00 Ixtapa Redmond Ridge. RSVP to Robin ( ASAP, please. (NOTE TIME CHANGE)

01/02/20 January SnoVARC meeting, 7p.m. Duvall FS, Elmer Topic:  Building Go Kits/Boxes led by Howard, WA1HEM,  and Paul, W7PFB. (6:15 p.m. Business meeting)

Minutes respectfully submitted by Robin, WA7CPA

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