July 2020 Meeting Minutes

SnoVARC July 2nd, 2020 Business Meeting Minutes


Tom (WA7TBP)

Howard (WA1HEM)

Paul (W7PFB)

Ralph (KC7QXD)

Lindy (KG7IFA)

Kirt (K7KDW)

Robin (WA7CPA)

Rowland (K7RWB)

Tom (WA7TPB) Called the meeting to order at 18:20

Lindy (KG7IFA) gave the treasurer report and reported that Snovarc has a $9351.09 positive balance. Lindy also explained that before any equipment is removed from the Snovarc inventory, they will need to document each transaction for the CDCCC board, per board policy, specifically the “CDCCC Procurement and Asset Disposal Policy”. Howard (WA1HEM) asked if Snovarc maintained an inventory list. Rowland (K7RWB) said we have more equipment that was just donated and not reflected in the inventory. Lindy requested that we value donated items at realistic prices since that is the amount put on the books and would need to be removed if sold. Conversation ensued. All acknowledged Lindy’s request. No Motions were made.

Tom mentioned he spoke to Shawn (K7ATA) regarding the Cougar Mountain repeater. The consensus is that it appears there is likely a receiver problem. Shawn will attempt to get the rack up on Cougar sometime soon.  Shawn suggested to Tom that a poly phaser might have “popped” and confirmed that there is a receive issue. Tom had mentioned that he needs to find power cables prior to going up.  A conversation ensued. No motions were made.

Howard (WA1HEM) gave the EmComm meeting update. He suggested the addition of a low power digital keyboard to keyboard protocol for EmComm use. A conversation ensued. No motions were made.

Kirt (K7KDW) gave an update on the name change for the Thursday night net. Conversation ensued. Kirt received accolades for his continued contributions to the Thursday night net efforts. A conversation ensued. No motions were made.

Paul (W7PFB) updated on the Carnation Shack. He suggested that there is a large list of existing inventory to catalog and that there was more new inventory as well.   A conversation ensued. No motions were made. 

Tom and Rowland discussed wanting to do testing with the club’s GP15 antenna on the Carnation Evacuation Hill Red Cross building. There was a discussion regarding how best to secure and install the antenna. A conversation ensued. No motions were made.

Old business:

  • Rowland mentioned that he was still waiting to know if Shawn at the Duvall Fire Station wanted to keep the 8900 rig there as there are no licensed Hams at the station. Discussion ensued around what to do with the unit if they didn’t want it. 
  • Tom – mentioned that there will be a (third) Thursday night mini drill after the 20:00 Snovarc weekly net. 
  • Rowland – mentioned that club shirts were still on hold.  Rowland also discussed credentialing and that Jason has all the supplies needed. We will follow up when able.
  • Tom mentioned that the Snovarc Anderson power pole kit is only available for use in the Carnation shack.
  • Rowland mentioned that the club has received a very recent donated tilt tower which needs to be removed. He will ask Janie to make arrangements to take down
  • Robin (WA7CPA) – mentioned that new 982i DMR repeaters from Action Communications in Everett are about $1000 off. The repeater is both analog and DMR. Cost $2400.  Tom would like Tech team and EmComm teams to meet and discuss.

Tom adjourned the regular Business meeting at 18:56

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