February 2021 Meeting Minutes

SnoVARC February 5, 2021 Business Meeting  

Robin (WA7CPA)

Howard (WA1HEM)

Ralph (KC7QXD)

Paul (W7PFB)

Tom (WA7TBP)

Rowland (K7RWB)

Lindy (KG7IFA)

Kirt (K7KDW)

Tom Sinclair (No License)

Tom called the meeting to order at 6:17pm.

Tom called for a motion to accept the January minutes – Rowland moved, Paul seconded. Motion to accept minutes passed.

 Lindy gave the treasurers report. SnoVARC had a $11,474.10 balance as of the meeting. She explained that the CARES act 0f 2020 provided that any donations to a 5013c can be deducted “above the line” up to $300 written off your AGI. She reported that the 2021 SnoVARC budget has been passed by CDCCC. Membership dues were paid by 20 members. Tom motioned; Rowland seconded to accept the treasurer’s report. Motion accepted.

 Howard gave the EmComm/Tech committee update. Remote power switch failed. Needs to be replaced. IRLP unit is being repaired by Shawn – no ETA. Paul gave a detailed update of the remote power switch issue. The plan to replace the switch with something newer and more robust. Tom also mentioned that we need to have a plan in place for the Myers repeater. Paul will run plots of coverage from various spots (Tom’s and Paul’s QTH run) – other areas need to be plotted to make a decision on placement.  Conversation ensued. No motions made.

Irvina (not present) – She indicated to Tom that there were no plans for a spring class. Tom would like to discuss offline a mentoring program for those who want to upgrade from Tech to general. Then push off to Lake Washington for testing. No motions made.

Kirt – no updates regarding the Rookie Roundtable. No motions made.

Paul – no update on Carnation space. Funds provide for a new pop-up (remote) repeater. Need to get to Shack to clear out space. A pop up is three packages 1) Antenna and feedline (small GP1 on speaker stand), 2) Source of Power (Battery box or gen set), 3) Roadie case with all the equipment needed. Rowland asked for specifics about the pop-up. In response to Ralph’s question regarding whether this will be a new repeater, Paul indicated that the donated repeater that we currently have there was old and not worth repairing. So this would be a new repeater.  

Rowland – no new information about shirts and badges. He will be sending out an email to everyone next week to get more input before a final decision as to the baseline product. And he will get updated cost information as well.

Tom – Next mini drill scheduled for Feb 18th. Not yet determined what it will be.

Howard gave a sketch of the marketing effort for the club. The goal is to increase the number of active members through a multi-pronged approach including online marketing, physical brochure, Facebook/Instagram exposure, and awareness from other groups.

Rowland updated on MOU from the Red Cross regarding the use of their building on Evac Hill. They will divide the space into three sections, giving away one section to the City of Carnation and one section to SnoVARC.  We need to discuss what we will do with that space. To show our appreciation to the Red Cross, Rowland told them we will get volunteers to help clean up the area (weed whacking, etc.). Will consider doing that in the Spring.

Jackson Beard is going to remove old radios from stations – should we bring our own or buy new radios. Discussion ensued regarding the risk of leaving equipment in the stations unless there is a plan to use radios at least monthly to ensure they are in working order when needed for an emergency. No motions were made.

Tom called to adjourn the business meeting at 6:55pm.

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