March 2021 Meeting Minutes

SnoVARC March 4, 2021

Business Meeting Minutes

Attendees:   Tom WA7TBP  Howard WA1HEM  Paul W7PFB  Kirt K7KDW  Ralph KC7QXD  Lindy KG7IFA  Robin WA7CPA  Rowland K7RWB  Shawn K7ATA   Bryce KK5SPT  CW Black WR5J  Doug NR5W  Jessica Phipps KF7UHK  Peter Marchel KJ7GHW   

Tom called the meeting to order at 6:17p 

Tom asked for the February Minutes to be approved – Paul moved – Shawn Seconded. The minutes were unanimously approved.  

Lindy gave the Treasurers report- The club balance as of the meeting was $10,004.93. The club spent $1755 for new repeater and accessories that were also added to the insurance. Treasurer’s report was approved unanimously. No motions were made. 

Discussion ensued around antennas that were recently added. Lindy explained that they will not start depreciating until the antennas are installed. A question was raised if the new micro dish should be added to the insurance. Shawn says yes. Lindy requested serial numbers and pictures. Rowland asked if club tools be insured? After reviewing insurance terms, it was determined that tools are not covered. Further conversation ensued. No motions were made. 

Shawn – gave the tech committee update. The new node number for the club’s IRLP will be 3452. He explained that to finalize the IRLP the node must be confirmed and then propagate. Shawn will be finalizing the upgrade to the software on 3/5.  The Big Rock crossband repeater is now pointed to the new Carnation repeater. 145.750, Simplex, Tone 103.5. Ralph asked if this change will require a script rewrite. Conversation ensued. Shawn would like repeater signal reports on Big Rock Cross Band. No questions or motions made. 

Rowland gave the Emcomm committee report: Rowland spoke about the evac hill situation. An MOU signed to use parts of Red Cross building. He explained that Tolt Dam is still in process of upgrading alarm systems. Rowland tested new Carnation repeater – lost it in Monroe. There will be a shake alert system coming on-line in May. This system will provide a 10-15 second warning.  Go to to set up your cell phones. Spoke about potentially putting an HT at evac hill. Conversation ensued. No motions made.  

Irvina – no new education information 

Kirt – no update on Rookie Round table. Requested ideas for new ideas. No motions made.  

Tom – discussed how the Lake Washington HAM Club has been conducting online classes and testing 3 times a week.  Bryce LeBlanc (KK5SPT) – shared that he took the test and explained how it was conducted.  

Paul – gave the Carnation space update. Paul explained that the donated repeater has been decommissioned and replaced with a Bridgecom repeater. The repeater stats 441.850 + Shift 103.5 Tone. Lindy asked what the plan is for the decommissioned repeater. The old repeater should not be insured. Paul will send Lindy the serial number to verify whether it had been on the insurance list or if it was being depreciated.  Conversation ensued. No motions were made.  

Rowland asked Paul if he would help to coordinate the move. Paul agreed to help decide what to throw away and which items to keep and inventory.  Lindy will need to be kept in the loop for all equipment changes. 

Rowland – no news from Sandy Duval. 

Howard marketing – no updates. 

Tom – CERT – Snovarc exercise on 3/20 to start at 10:00 and be completed by Noon.  

Tom asked Lindy about dues paid this year. The club had 30 this year compared to 27 last year (POST MEETING CORRECTION: club has 27 this year compared with 31 last year).  

Gaffs, Flubs and Screw-ups – Tom told his story. Rowland told his story. Robin told her story.  Shawn told his story.  

Tom says hello to new participants. 

Tom closed the regular club meeting at 6:57pm. 

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