April 2021 Meeting Minutes

April 8th, 2021 SnoVarc Business Meeting Minutes

Tom (WA7TBP) 

Howard (WA1HEM) 

Lindy (KG7IFA) 

Irvina (W7IRM) 

Ralph (KC7QXD) 

Paul (W7PFB) 

Robin (WA7CPA) 

Shawn (K7ATA) 

Kirt (K7KDW) 

Rowland (K7RWB) 


Tom called the meeting to order at 6:15p 

Tom asked for approval of the March meeting minutes.  Paul motioned and seconded by Robin. The March Minutes were approved unanimously. 

Lindy gave the Treasurer’s report – The club had a balance of $8,884.01. We currently have 29 members compared with 31 last year. Equipment insurance was renewed but could not add newest pieces because they had not been received in time. New equipment will be added when receipt confirmed. Robin thanked Kirt for his Microsoft matching donations.  Tom asked to have the treasurer’s report approved. Rowland moved and Paul seconded. Treasurer’s report was unanimously approved. No further motions were made. 

Rowland gave the Emcomm committee update – he reviewed past exercises. He discussed potential new city hall locations. If built on separate land from where the current building is, we wouldn’t have to move out of the current location while the new city hall is built.  Paul asked if there was a timeline to know when or if we would have to move out of the current space. Rowland said that another meeting will be held towards the end of April. The Disaster Support Volunteers (DSV) had their first group meeting. DSVs will meet once a month. Drills are being planned and will be dependent on Covid. Ralph suggested that we dispose of items in the Carnation shack sooner than later. Rowland agreed that we need a plan to get rid of stuff that isn’t working or that we don’t need. Conversation ensued. No motions were made. 

Shawn gave the Tech committee update – Cougar Mountain finally has IRLP and Echolink functional. The Crossbands are operating. The new Carnation repeater is healthy and working well. Ralph asked if IRLP will start automatically for the 7am KBARA net. Shawn says it has not been set up to run automatically yet. Will test manually. Conversation ensued. No motions were made.  

Irvina – Community outreach – no new news.  

Kirt – no new rookie round table news. Kirt added a “leader board” with check-in tallies to the website.  Bob asked if we do Winlink check-ins. Conversation ensued. No motions made. 

Paul gave the Carnation space update – second Comet GP15 is up on city hall. There is a dual band Kenwood hooked up to the GP15. Lots of equipment to go through to inventory. Rowland did research for the new City Hall and found out that all the electric lines will be buried. That is good news for the possible reduction of RF noise. Conversation ensued. Rowland mentioned that we had options to save some equipment. No motions made. 

Rowland spoke to Sandy Duval about club shirts and suggested that she join a meeting to discuss options and designs, as well as cost. No new news for Badging. No further questions. 

Howard updated marketing effort.  Created a Repeater and crossband clarification graphic and handout sheet. This will be very useful for new members and will be put on the website. There was a suggestion to get laminated cards of this graphic, which would be useful for members as well.  Worked with Kirt discussing the use of a Leader board to ‘reward’ those that check-in to the Rookie Roundtable and club net. No motions made.  

Old Business: 

Rowland – updated Evac hill where we have North (3rd Stall) to store some equipment. Paul asked what do members need to do to get access? Rowland will ask if he can give the code to select SnoVarc members. Ralph asked if access is through the man door or roll up? Access is through the man door. Shawn asked what type of flooring. Conversation ensued. No motions made. 

Tom – updated on 6m/10m FM exercise. Recommends a Diamond 610 antenna. Mini drill coming up in April will include the Carnation Shack repeater. Tom updated on CERT/SnoVarc/MRC walk about exercise.  No motions made. 

Kirt – raised the issue of the Carnation repeater and if it should be added to the script. Group agreed to test the carnation shack repeater first and then add to the script when/if it passes a ‘stress test’ 

Robin – suggested that we donate to the Zero Falls Alliance education group. Made a motion that Snovarc donates $500 to Zero Falls Alliance. Motion passed unanimously. 

Rowland – discussed $35 FCC fee. No further details. Possibly July.  No motions were made. 

Tom – cancelled field day. All members approved.  Snovarc will not have an organized event due to the pandemic.  In June the group will discuss alternative ways to have field day event.  Ken offered his RF rig to be controlled over Remote Hams.  Conversation ensued. No motions made.     

Tom called the Business meeting to a close at 6:56p 

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