June 2021 Meeting Minutes

SnoVARC Business Meeting Minutes – June 3rd,  2021 


Rowland K7RWB 

Howard WA1HEM 

Robin WA7CPA 

Irvina W7IRM 

Shawn K7ATA 

Kirt K7KDW 

Paul W7PFB 

Ralph KC7QXD 

Ken W7ECK 

Tom called the meeting to order at 6:15pm 

Tom requested approval of May’s minutes. Paul motioned and Ralph seconded. Motion passed unanimously.  

Tom gave Treasurer’s report – The SnoVARC bank balance as of 5/31/2021 was $10,146.50, although May financials have not yet been approved by the CDCCC board. The May financial activity includes generous Microsoft matching for Kirt White, as well as our payment for the ARRL liability insurance ($200). We had one new member in May, so our current membership count is 30 compared with 31 last year and 43 in 2019. The updated member roster was posted on Groups.io. 

Shawn gave a repeater task force update.  Ralph raised an issue with the repeater power seemingly wavering over time during QSOs. This was confirmed by others. Paul suggested that the next time this appears to happen to contact him as he will monitor the power received at his QTH. Tom suggested to record time and date when the power loss is observed. Conversation ensued. No motions were made. 

Rowland gave an  Emcomm update. He presented the drawings for the new Carnation City Hall that will house the new Snovarc Radio Shack. Discussion regarding antenna placement and access was discussed. Other Conversation ensued. No motions were made 

Irvina – no new updates. No motions made 

Kirt – gave an update on the Rookie Round Table, noted that attendance has been light and thanked those in the club that participate. No motions made 

Paul – no updates on Carnation Shack. No motions made. 

Old Business 

No update on when Sandy Duval will come to a meeting to discuss tee-shirts, etc. 

Howard – No new marketing updates 

New Business: 

Tom discussed the upcoming CERT radio exercise and suggested attendance for those that can be available.  

Tom asked about the 3rd Thursday exercise. Howard explained that it was just Shawn, Robin and himself and that there were problems with Shawn’s “ears”. No motions made.  

Tom reminded folks that there will not be a Snovarc sponsored Field day this year. Conversation ensued. 

Tom and Rowland discussed the yard work at the Myers QTH. Conversation ensued. No motions made.  

Tom mentioned that CERT was still looking for July 4th volunteers. No motions were made.  

Tom motioned to adjourn. Howard motioned Paul Seconded. Motion passed. Club meeting closed at 6:50 

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