September 2021 Meeting Minutes

9-2-2021 SnoVARC Monthly Meeting


Rowland K7RWB, Lindy Friedlander KG7IFA, Paul Zoba W7PEZ, Bob Otis KI7RMO, Ken W7ECK, Kirt K7KDW, Tom WA7TBP, Ralph KC7QXD, Shawn Somers K7ATA

Meeting was brought to order at 18:20 by Tom WA7TBP

Meeting Minutes:

Moved by Rowland, seconded by Bob Otis. Approved as posted.

Treasurer Report:

Lindy reported account balance of $10839.83. Currently have 32 members.

Moved by Kirt, seconded by Rowland. Approved as reported.

Repeater Task Force:


No new information. Round table discussion about future model of replacement repeater on Cougar. Issues with Bridgecom were discussed. No Motions.

Myers Repeater

Rowland noted there will be a generator at the new location for the Myers repeater. So we may not need our solar array, just batteries. A discussion about the installation was had within the SnoVARC group. No Motions.

Carnation Repeater

Working well. Paul’s 220 repeater is currently off air pending repairs.

Paul is sorting equipment in the Carnation Shack. Inventory to proceed on moving. Rowland indicated that we can put equipment that needs temperature control on the new shelves in the Lake Joy FS.  The equipment that doesn’t need temperature control can go to Evac Hill. Discussion ensued. No Motions.

New Carnation Space:

Rowland has had conversations with architect. 5 antenna masts planned for. Discussion ensued. No Motions.

Planning and Mobilization:

Need to develop a Procedure Document for events. And there was some discussion about getting involved with other local clubs, like Monroe. Discussion ensued. No Motions.

Shirts and badges are on hold for now.

Education and Outreach:

Tom and Irvina discussed that there would probably be no TECH class and testing this year. No marketing information presented.

New Business

September 25 – CERT Drill has been canceled but presentations may go on.

Next meeting October 7. Rest of the meetings for the year will be by Zoom.

It was moved by Kirt and seconded by Shawn to close the meeting at 18:59 hours. Meeting closed at 19:00.

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