November 2021 Meeting Minutes

SnoVARC November 4, 2021 Business Meeting Minutes   

Paul W7PFB

Shawn K7ATA

Rowland K7RWB

Kirt K7KDW


Paul W7PEZ

Lindy KG7IFA


Kirt called the meeting to order at 6:20p

Kirt called for a motion to accept the October minutes; Rowland motioned, and Shawn seconded. October minutes were accepted unanimously.

Lindy gave the Treasurers report. The club had a $10,944.83 bank balance and 3 new paid members from Trilogy. The current Membership count is 37. Kirt ask for a motion to accept Lindy’s report – Howard motioned; Paul seconded. The Treasurer’s report was accepted unanimously.

Shawn gave a tech committee report. The Cougar Mountain repeater is operating fine. Finalizing repeater choices and looking for quotes for the pending upgrade. He promised to get quotes to Tom for submission to CDCCC by the next CDCCC board meeting.  No motions were made.

Rowland gave the Emergency Planning and mobilization report– The Tech/Emcomm committee agreed to start the install of Myers repeater.  There was unanimous agreement to get started with the Myers Repeater install and accept the $2k quote. Tom will inform CDCCC. Once CDCCC approves, Rowland can then notify the contractor.

Rowland discussed a quarterly joint exercise with other local groups to get to know each other that would Include some form of Winlink messaging. It was agreed to start with using the Cougar Mt Repeater.  There was discussion regarding replacing the aging equipment on Cougar Mtn. Discussion ensued and we agreed that the Tech Committee will do research on Motorola and Kenwood repeater options ($5000 should cover it). Can it do Wideband? The Tech committee will also decide on a power supply to purchase (est. $1500) and an Amplifier (est. $2500).  A parts list, with pricing and vendor will be presented by end of November to begin the purchase of items that might be slow to arrive due to supply chain issues.

The group discussed the impromptu CodeRed exercise that was conducted by Ben and Howard. The group agreed that this type of exercise should be expanded and conducted on a regular basis but rather than purely unscheduled, the next exercise should be announced to occur sometime in a 48 period. We also learned that Ken and Shawn did not get CodeRed notifications which will need to be corrected/added.

We agreed to hold an Emcomm/Tech Committee meeting in December as scheduled. No Motions made

Kirt – no major update on Rookie roundtable. Kirt asked and received several volunteers to host the Rookie Round table. No motions made

Paul – Carnation space. No update. 

Old business: No update on badges or club shirts. All on hold until in-person meetings resume. 

Howard – no Marketing update. Pending meeting with Tom.

Tom –gave an update on Carnation mini drill. Voice and signal strength reports were positive. November 18 exercise will include a simulated CodeRed message on the Carnation repeater simulating the Cougar Mtn down. 

Club president is up for reelection in 2022. Tom is willing to run again. If any others would like to run, get names to Lindy. Voting will take place at the February.

SnoVARC Elmer session for December will be a social event. Kirt called to end the meeting, Tom motioned and Shawn seconded – meeting ended at 6:54p

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