October 2022 Meeting Minutes

Snoqualmie Valley Radio Club

Monthly Meeting Minutes

October 6th, 2022

Rowland called the meeting to order at 6:17p at Duvall Fire Station 66.

 Attendees (in person or via Zoom): Rowland, Kirt, Lindy, Shawn, Howard, Ralph, Robin, Ed, Mel, Rod, plus a few others??

Secretary Report: The September Meeting minutes were unanimously approved.  No motions

Lindy gave the Treasurers report. The club had a $8,227.78 bank balance. 38 members. Discussion ensued. No motions

Shawn –gave the repeater task force update. New UPS was delivered. Will install on 10/22 (work party @10a). More info to come. Send RSVP on email or groups.io. Carnation repeaters at Paul’s. No ETA as to when repeater will be moved from Paul’s QTH back to Carnation. Paul started inventory database on groups.io. Discussion ensued. No Motions

Rowland gave the EmComm Planning and Mobilization update. Kirt donated his Yaesu 8900 dual band to be put in big rock station. No additional updates. Howard asked if an antenna check was planned. Rowland will coordinate. Conversation ensued. No Motions made. 

Rowland gave a CERT winter drill update. Snovarc set up an EOC. 3 teams were deployed to 6 stations. Volunteers from all over king county participated. No Motions made.

Snovarc will be able to move repeater back to the Carnation space but will be placed in adjacent room. 

New Carnation townhall build will be next to Pete’s tavern. Snovarc should have a 10’x10’ space. More info to come.

Rowland gave an update on the King County badges. Contact Rowland if you want or need  a badge. 

Tom has been discussing technician’s class with Issaquah. More info to come. 

No Marketing update.

Kirt – No update on Rookie Roundtable. Kirt has been using IRLP to conduct the net.

The Mini Drill on 15th on 80 and 10m went well. 

PSRG – Is setting up a “Puget Sound Repeater Roundabout” – casual contest. Unknown contest information. More info to follow

Giveaway item – SDR item. Bob won. Donation by Kirt White

Rowland called the meeting to close at 6:58pm.

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