June 2023 Meeting Minutes

Snoqualmie Valley Radio Club

Monthly Meeting Minutes

 June 1st, 2023

I. Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 6:20 p.m. at the Carnation City Hall

Members in attendance were:

Tom (WA7TBP) – President, Kirt (K7KDW) – Vice President, Lindy (KG7IFA) – Treasurer, Mike (KJ7JNG) – Secretary, Ralph (KC7QXD), Ken (W7ECK), Rowland (K7RWB), Shawn (K7ATA), Paul (W7PFB), Colin (W2COL), Marc (KK7LMP), Ryan (KJ7GIE), John (W7ENT), Bob (KI7RMO), Ben (AD7JI), Larry (AF7RW), Constantine (KK7GCN), Peter (KJ7GHW), Rick (KB7CIN)

II. Approval of Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes from the meeting that occurred on May 4th, 2023 were approved.

III. Treasury Report and Financials

Lindy presented the April 2023 financials to the members in attendance. Currently there is $10,317.80 in the treasury and SNOVARC has 31 paying members.  For those members who have not paid their yearly dues yet, please complete the annual membership form and write a check for $20 made out to: CDCCC. The mail your check to CDCCC PO Box 644 Carnation, WA 98014. Or pay via Zelle from your bank account.   

IV. Committee and Task Force Reports

Repeater Task Force:

Cougar Mountain Repeater – Still is “burn-in” mode inside Tom’s garage.  

Myers Repeater – Planning to get internet access to equipment for remote access into equipment

Carnation Repeater – no changes – nothing to report

The Cross-Band repeater is back-up and running after rodent damage was repaired

Emergency Planning and Mobilization:

Rowland reported that the county will accept EYEWARN information during a disaster

Education and Community Outreach:

Ham Tech class – Issaquah is interested in combining classes

Ham Development and Rookie Roundtable – not much interest

Carnation Space:

Status of Carnation space equipment move – The City of Carnation has an updated design and is now asking for new bids based upon the new design. Based upon the bids that are received the City of Carnation will determine if the project moves forward. 

Status of Equipment Inventory Project – Additional equipment at FS needs to be tagged.

V. Old Business

King County Badging – no change

Marketing – no change

Mini Drill – May 18th resulted in 100% accuracy – it was a good job by all.

Mini Drill for June 15th – Topic has not been decided yet.

Field Day at Evacuation Hill – Scheduled for June 24th and 25th. (Set-up will start on June 23rd) Jeff Connell from the HOA will provide a temporary passcode for the field day. Issaquah Community Support Team is interested in attending and will supply some essential services during the field day.

VI. New Business

Spring Drill After-Action Report – Tom stated that there were 22 participants. All objectives were met on time and the drill was completed by 12pm

Meeting adjourned at 6:55 p.m.

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