July 2023 Meeting Minutes

Snoqualmie Valley Radio Club

Monthly Meeting Minutes

 July 6th, 2023

I. Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 6:15 p.m. at the Carnation City Hall

Members in attendance were:

Tom (WA7TBP) – President, Kirt (K7KDW) – Vice President, Lindy (KG7IFA) – Treasurer, Mike (KJ7JNG) – Secretary, Ralph (KC7QXD), Ken (W7ECK), Rowland (K7RWB), Shawn (K7ATA), Colin (W2COL), Marc (KK7LMP), Ryan (KJ7GIE), John (W7ENT), Bob (KI7RMO), Ben (AD7JI), Larry (AF7RW), Konstantin (KK7GCN), Ed (AK7H), Rick (KB7CIN), Howard (WA1HEM), Mel (K7MZE)

II. Approval of Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes from the meeting that occurred on June 1st, 2023 were approved.

III. Treasury Report and Financials

Lindy presented the April 2023 financials to the members in attendance. Currently there is $11,067.38 in the treasury and SNOVARC has 36 paying members.  For those members who have not paid their yearly dues yet, please complete the annual membership form and write a check for $20 made out to: CDCCC. The mail your check to CDCCC PO Box 644 Carnation, WA 98014. Or pay via Zelle from your bank account to info@snovarc.org.   

IV. Committee and Task Force Reports

Repeater Task Force:

Cougar Mountain Repeater – New repeater still in Tom’s garage. Current repeater is 25 years old. When new repeater is installed, the club will leave the old repeater in the frame to be used as a back-up to the new repeater. The new repeater’s transmit power will be 90 watts.

Myers Repeater – Planning to get internet access to equipment for remote access into equipment.

Cross Band Repeater – The antenna elevation has been increased by 12 feet. The old elevation was approximately 8ft above the transmitting station. The antenna is now at 20 feet in elevation and the coverage has improved.

Carnation Repeater – no changes – nothing to report.

Emergency Planning and Mobilization:

Utilizing ARRL as a guide, Rowland found over 200 people in the Duval/Carnation area with a ham license. Letters (not postcards) will be sent to all the licensed hams listed on the ARRL website informing them that SNOVARC exists. The letter will not try to “pressure” the ham operators to join SNOVARC.

Education and Community Outreach:

Ham Tech class – Tom needs volunteers to help with training those individuals who are preparing to take the FCC exam. SNOVARC and the Issaquah teams will provide classes to prepare the individuals who want to take the FCC exam. We need a volunteer or a volunteer team to organize the class this fall.

Ham Development and Rookie Roundtable – Paused for the summer months.

Carnation Space:

Status of Carnation space equipment move – The City of Carnation is still awaiting bids to arrive from various contractors. If the price is reasonable, the City of Carnation will move forward with the new building. If the price is unreasonable, the new building will not be built at this time.

Status of Equipment Inventory Project – The local school system has donated radio equipment that they no longer use to the SNOVARC club. This new equipment as well as existing equipment in the fire station will need to be tagged and stored.

V. Old Business

King County Badging – Obtaining a KC Volunteer badge is recommended. If someone needs a KC Volunteer badge, please contact Rowland.

Marketing – no change

Mini Drill – June 15th mini drill was a test for accurate data recording. All the stations on the net were instructed to copy all the information provided by the reporting station. All stations were told they would be tested on the accuracy of the information they copied. I am happy to report the stations participating in the exercise were 100% accurate in the information they recorded.

Mini Drill for July 20th, still looking for topics.

Field Day at Evacuation Hill – The field day was a big success. The back-up power supply was more than enough to provide power to all the attendees.

VI. New Business

The club will be building a portable HF station utilizing a ICOM 7300 radio.

Meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m.

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