October 2023 Meeting Minutes

Snoqualmie Valley Radio Club

Monthly Meeting Minutes

 October 3rd, 2023

I. Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm over Zoom

Members in attendance were:

Tom (WA7TBP) – President, Kirt (K7KDW) – Vice President, Mike (KJ7JNG) – Secretary, Ralph (KC7QXD), Rowland (K7RWB), Shawn (K7ATA), Colin (W2COL), Larry (AF7RW), Konstantin (KK7GCN), Ken (W7ECK), Ian Yates (N7BIY), Howard (WA1HEM)

II. Approval of Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes from the meeting that occurred on September 5th, 2023 were approved.

III. Treasury Report and Financials

Tom presented the September 2023 financials to the members in attendance. Currently there is $11,474.00 in the treasury and SNOVARC has 42 paying members. 

IV. Committee and Task Force Reports

Repeater Task Force:

Cougar Mountain Repeater – New repeater is ready to be installed. Need an install date and volunteers.

Myers Repeater – OK – Needs conduit box to be painted. Howard recommends Dennis as a painter. We cannot get in touch with the owner of the property where the Myers repeater is located.

Carnation Repeater – OK

Emergency Planning and Mobilization:

EYEWARN – Not much has happened since Rowland was out of town, where he caught COVID. And he has been very sick since then.

Education and Community Outreach:

Ham Tech class – LWHC has a class scheduled at Redmond City Hall. Contact Ron Poole if anyone knows anyone who would like to attend those HAM classes.

Ham Development and Rookie Roundtable – A new Rookie Roundtable venue is being sought. With the shorter days and the cooler/wetter weather, a warmer and dryer location is being considered.

Carnation Space:

Status of Carnation space equipment move – No change. Nothing planned soon.

Status of Equipment Inventory Project – No change.

V. Old Business

Mini Drill on September 21st – Went OK – only 4 people submitted WINLINK check-ins.

Mini Drill coming on October 19th – Please standby for more information.

CDCCC Fall Drill Review – Went well, some lessons were learned, but that is why we have drills.

Status of Club Shirts – On line store is planned and should be available soon.

VI. New Business

Weekly Net has poor attendance, looking to find a way to attract more people.

Holiday Dinner December 7th at 6pm at IXTAPA in Redmond Ridge: 22350 NE Marketplace DriveMeeting adjourned at 8:08 p.m.

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