November 2023 Meeting Minutes

Snoqualmie Valley Radio Club

Monthly Meeting Minutes

November 7, 2023

I.  Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm on Zoom.

Members in attendance were:

Tom (WA7TBP) – President, Kirt (K7KDW) – Vice President, Ralph (KC7QXD), Larry (AF7RW) – filling in as Secretary for Mike (KJ7JNG), Rowland (K7RWB), Colin (W2COL), Konstantin (KK7GCN), Ken (W7ECK), Bob (KI7RMO), Lindy (KG7IFA), Peter (KJ7GHW), Henry (KK7OWW)

II. Approval of Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes from the meeting that occurred on October 3rd, 2023 were approved.

III. Treasury Report and Financials

Lindy (KG7IFA) presented the October 2023 financials to the members in attendance. Currently there is $11,219 in the treasury and SNOVARC has 44 paying members.  The member roster is posted on  The Treasury Report was approved.

IV. Committee and Task Force Reports

Repeater Task Force:

Cougar Mountain Repeater – Repeater working, but not Echolink – New repeater was installed; however, it is not working with the Repeater Controller and therefore not connected to Echolink.  Considering alternatives to get Echolink connected.

Myers Repeater – OK – Needs conduit box to be painted. The painter gave us a bid and is coordinating times with property owner.

Carnation Repeater – OK – as of now, running well.  Discussed putting Arcom Repeater controller there; could link repeaters together.  Should be no issues with Controller as Bridgecom repeater website says it works.

Emergency Planning and Mobilization:

EYEWARN – on hold for now.  If we’re going to pursue, we’ll need a committee to continue.  Rowland (K7RWB) asked folks to contact him if they who would like to involved in EYEWARN committee.

3rd Thursdays minis – suspended for now, with Holidays coming up.  Discussed idea for Emergency script in case of an event – consider changing name to “Unusual Event Net” (windstorm, sudden flood, etc) – would complement EYEWARN.

Education and Community Outreach:

Ham Radio Tech Class – no SNOVARC Technician class for the rest of the year – will shoot for 2024.  Issaquah class started on 11/4 and winds up 11/11/23.  Good class in Redmond – Hybrid meetings with 10 in class, 10 online.

Carnation Space:

Status of Carnation space equipment move – No change.  Meeting at pizza places recently (e.g. Red Pepper/Duval).

Status of Equipment Inventory Project – No change.

V. Old Business

Mini Drills – cancelled.

Status of Club Shirts – there will be a list of 5-8 standard items the provider has had excellent luck with. However, if the SNOVARC member wants something else, there will be access to an online catalog with additional garments. SNOVARC will provide a list of members to the vendor.  The SNOVARC member will work directly with the vendor. The SNOVARC member will pay the vendor directly, less $20. The final $20 will be paid by SNOVARC.  Tom (WA7TBP) will send a notice when ordering is possible.

Holiday Dinner December 7th at 6pm at IXTAPA in Redmond Ridge: 22350 NE Marketplace Drive – need to know how many will attend.  Mike (KJ7JNG) needs to send announcement out on to determine headcount.  [Note: as of 11/9, Lindy (KG7IFA) sent email request to all SNOVARC, requesting all who plan to attend to RSVP to Mike (KJ7JNG).]

VI. New Business

New Ham Involvement – Providing after-class instruction may be a way to get to those who want to know about Ham Radio, might be something SNOVARC could do with future ham classes.  No decisions made. 

Continuity – Concern if a key leader is missing or non-responsive.  SNOVARC bylaws address this.  Discussed what other organizations do.  Examples: has responsibility or authority to appoint leader, they could replace leader.  No decisions made. 

Meyers Repeater – Ralph (KC7QXD) has backups for original schematics and knows there have been changes made since it was configured before installation; Ralph (KC7QXD) is willing to make changes to update and send these back.  No decisions made. 

Thursday night roundtable net and the check in net – discussed ideas: switching Check-in Net and Roundtable order, different topics on different weeks, changing time to earlier (1900?), combining Check-in & Roundtable nets.  No decisions made.

Increasing Radio users – Larry (AF7RW) mentioned Trilogy Radio Club now includes GMRS users and has grown to 26 GMRS licensees.  Focus is on Emergency Preparedness. 

Upcoming Events:
* November 11-12:
Repeater Roundabout: * December 1: Duvall Tree Lighting
* December 2: Annual Board Planning Meeting 9AM-12PM, Location TBD
* December 5: Next SNOVARC Business, 7-8PM.
* December 7: SnoVARC Holiday Dinner at Ixtapa, Redmond Ridge: 22350 NE Marketplace Dr Ste 106, Redmond, 6 PM

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

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