March 2024 Meeting Minutes

Snoqualmie Valley Radio Club

Monthly Meeting Minutes

March 5th, 2024

I.  Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order by Tom at 7:00 pm on Zoom.

Members in attendance were:

Tom (WA7TBP) – President, Kirt (K7KDW) – Vice President, Lindy (KG7IFA) Treasurer, Mike (KJ7JNG) – Secretary, Rowland (K7RWB), Colin (W2COL), Ken (W7ECK), Shawn (K7ATA), Henry (KK7OWW), Ralph (KC7QXD)

Tom reminded everyone who has not completed their 2024 annual membership information form to please complete the form and send in your 2024 dues.

II. Approval of Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes from the meeting that occurred on January 6th, 2024 were approved.

III. Treasury Report and Financials

As of 2/29/24 there was $10,970 in the treasury and SNOVARC had 32 dues paying members for 2024.  Lindy requested that everyone must fill out the information sheet and pay their dues before May 1st or they will be removed from the club’s roster until they re-join. Member rosters are posted on the club’s Also, Lindy needs to know when and on what date any equipment has been installed so she can start depreciating that new equipment.

IV. Committee and Task Force Reports

Repeater Task Force:

Cougar Mountain Repeater – ARCOM says that we have an issue. Only by utilizing Shawn’s Baofeng can make changes settings via DTMF. No one else can access the repeater using DTMF using their equipment. The only way to find out why this is happening is to troubleshoot with a frequency generator or measure the Baofeng’s DTMF tones with an oscilloscope. Or, the club can purchase a new radio for Shawn and Shawn can give the “magical” Baofeng to Ken.

Myers Repeater – The internet is now working at the Myers repeater location. The remote capability through IRLP will allow the Myers repeater be able to link with Cougar repeater. Tying all the repeaters together via IRLP is possible, if the club wants to do that. Ryan has set up the internet hardware at the Myers repeater.  Tom acknowledged Ken (for coordinating procuring the painting contractor). The contractor has done a nice job at Carnation Farms. Ken will coordinate with the Myers repeater site owner to schedule the painting of the repeater enclosure and conduits.

Carnation Repeater – Tom has new controller. Carnation City Hall moving? When? Where do we move the repeater? All these questions have not been answered and will not be answered until we learn more from Carnation City Hall.

Emergency Planning and Mobilization:

EYEWARN – Will need additional time to set-up correctly.

Education and Community Outreach:

Ham Radio Tech Class – SnoVARC will not host any classes.

Thursday Night Roundtable/Ham Development – Not much interest…except when Pizza is involved. The 3rd Thursday is Ham and Pizza meeting.

Equipment Inventory Status:

No change.

V. Old Business

Status of Club Shirts – Tom met with Sandy’s Duvall Dazzling Designs today and the Polo shirt that Tom has will be the first item added to the original list that Sandy provided.

VI. New Business


Upcoming Events:

April: Earthquake Awareness Month

April 2: SnoVARC Business Meeting via Zoom only

April 4: SnoVARC Club meeting Duvall FD 6:30 Elmer: TBD

April 20: Stop the Bleed Class time and location TBA

April 27: Shelter Fundamentals class online, time TBA

May 11: CPR/AED class, time and location TBA

May 13: Crowd & Traffic Management class: time and location TBA

May 18: Spring Exercise, CarnationMeeting adjourned at 8:17 p.m.

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