SnoVARC is an active group, participating in a wide range of activities within the community.

On-air Nets

Several weekly nets are hosted on our primary repeater.

Members Net – A net for general announcements, equipment checks, etc.
Rookie Round Table – A social net for all hams

Evenings In The Park

In the warmer part of the year, we like to enjoy the outdoors with fellow hams at one of our local parks. Check out the Evenings in the Park page for times and location.

Field Day

SnoVARC participates in annual field day activities. Check out our field day page for more information


SnoVARC holds monthly member meetings at the Duvall Fire Station. For details, check out the meeting page

Community Events

SnoVARC participates in numerous community events throughout the year. Information about these events can usually be found on our main page leading up to those events