The Mission
The EYEWARN network provides additional visual support and ground truth to Emergency Management Organizations expanding the situational awareness of each and assisting in saving lives and protecting property.

Who Are We?
There are over 1000 amateur radio operators in the Snoqualmie Valley. About 100 belong to the local Amateur Radio clubs. In a disaster, that would potentially leave 900 additional Radio operators available to provide visual and sensory reporting in areas where damages or injuries have occurred, thus helping save lives and protect property. We report what we see, hear and smell from where we are.

The Concept
EYEWARN is a program organized by the Snoqualmie Valley Amateur Radio Club (SnoVARC). It is a group of amateur radio volunteers throughout the county providing visual and sensory reporting of areas where damages or emergencies may exist. This service will provide the incident Emergency Managers better situational awareness of the affected area. The acquired information will be reported to the requesting agency. Participating radio amateurs may or may not be part of SnoVARC or any other organization but can report events from their current location when needed. We will not self-activate in an actual event.

For more information about EYEWARN, send an email to emcomm@snovarc.org