Weekly On-Air Net


The Snoqualmie Valley Amateur Radio Club net is on Thursdays at 8:00 PM, local time. (Except for meeting night which is the first Thursday of the month).

Primary Repeater

441.825 + (pl 103.5)

This repeater can be used throughout the Puget Sound area.

Backup Repeater

443.250 + (PL 103.5)
This services Duvall and the general area

The Duvall repeater is solar powered, so it will be our primary back up repeater in an emergency.


145.590 (PL 162.2) is the Carnation Repeater. It is cross band linked to the Duvall repeater

Input on 145.590 no shift (PL 162.2) simplex goes out on the Duvall repeater input (448.250)


Simplex Backup

If the above listed repeaters are not operational then use simplex frequency of 145.590 MHz.

Dan (KA7GPP) is valley repeater coordinator.

All licensed amateurs are encouraged to participate in the net.